What is the Water-Fed Pole System?

This is a method of window cleaning using telescopic poles and 100% pure water.

The water is processed at our premises, where it is first passed through a series of filters, and then through a de-ionization vessel which leaves us with our pure water.

On site, the water is pumped up through telescopic poles and brushed over the windows and frames. The process is finished off with a final rinse, and the windows are then left to dry naturally, resulting in a crystal clear finish.

Advantages of this system

It is 100% environmentally friendly, as no chemicals or detergents are used.
Your windows stay cleaner longer, as no soap residues are left on the surface to attract dirt.
Our long poles enable us to access windows previously unreachable by ladder.
Entire window frames are cleaned at the same time as your glass.
We can clean any aspect of your building, including UPVC cladding, panelling, canopies, guttering, fascias, etc.
Health and Safety friendly.

How does it work?

The major advantage of pure water is its desire to return to its impure state. It therefore has the capacity to absorb large amounts of dirt, which is what makes it such an efficient cleaning agent.

Traditional window cleaning methods

In some cases it is more appropriate for us to use traditional methods of window cleaning. Our skilled team will advise you if this is the case and will strive to give you the same perfect finish.

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